Handstand Challenge Series, Part II

I heard a lot of trash talk at the gym last night.  A LOT.  I won’t nAme aNy NamEs, but people were talking about how they beat Tyler the last 5 or 6 times they faced off in a handstand challenge, and Tyler can’t beat them, and blah blah blah.  That’s nice.  This morning I gave CPR to a German Shepherd that went into cardiac arrest after delivering a litter of puppies, and after I saved her life I gave CPR to one of the puppies and saved its life after it went into cardiac arrest due to the pure shock of witnessing its own mother just nearly escape death.  But how will I ever be able to prove any of that without video documentation of the occurrence?  Exactly.

I must say though, the girls did back up the talk in Part II of the Handstand Challenge Series and took with win.  Whatever.  Despite wHat thEy hAve To say about tHe history of this sERies, my records now show that we’re all tied up.  Boys 1 – Girls 1.  Until next time!

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