Paleo Challenge: Day 4, Here Come The Cravings

Oh, hey cravings.  I’ve been wondering where you were.

What I wanted to eat:
Breakfast – biscuits and gravy
Snack – pepperoni and sausage pizza from Pagliacci
Lunch – SPAM musubi, kimchee fried rice and spicy pork tacos from Marination Mobile
Snack – macaroni and cheese from anywhere
Dinner – 3 Dick’s Deluxe’s with fries and a chocolate milkshake
Snack – bacon/maplebar from Voodoo.

What I actually ate:
Breakfast – Lara Bar
Lunch – 1/4 lb tri tip steak, 1/4 lb broccoli, banana
Snack – almonds, Lara Bar
Snack – 3 slices of turkey
Dinner – 3 eggs, 10 of The Greatest Little Organic Smokey Pork Cocktail Franks
Snack – 1 heaping tbsp of almond butter, sweet potato chips

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7 Responses to Paleo Challenge: Day 4, Here Come The Cravings

  1. cliff rosson says:

    Last night my Sis and I tried to split an avacado. When we opened it we found a screw inside. No Joke I have a video!

  2. Jojo Aquino says:

    Man, that pic looks sooo good! Gotta love the Lara bars!

  3. Alex Kourkoumelis says:

    DUDE is that bacon on the donuts?!!!

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