Hannibal For King: Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

If not for the great King Hannibal, I wouldn’t be the athlete I am today.  I’m certain that I’d still be wearing comfortable, breathable workout gear and doing 30 minutes on the elliptical 3 times a week; 15 minutes going forward and 15 minutes backward, of course, to work my glutes.  But thanks to his influence and inspiration, I now stay laced out in wife beaters (if not shirtless), gardening gloves and mid-shin length denim shorts.  And I don’t even bother with standard gym equipment anymore, because the park around the corner has a plethora monkey bars and park benches.  King Hannibal, it’s because of the foundation you built that we can feel comfortable working out at playgrounds littered with children while dressed as ex-convicts.  I thank you and I salute you.

This video will teach you everything you need to know about Crossfit.

Tracy and me decked out Hannibal Style.

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2 Responses to Hannibal For King: Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

  1. Cliff says:

    Lol when that dude started doing those pushups in the air like that I almost spit my tea up all over my laptop! Insane lolol.

  2. Khensu says:

    I feel you brother. Hannibal is my number one inspiration. Since I saw his video now I’m doing close grip muscle ups, those ill back to the bar reverse pull up and right now Im working on my front lever. Hannibal for king is the truth!

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