Paleo Challenge, Day 9: Turning Down Tom Douglas

Our company is having a work event tonight being catered by Cuoco, Brave Horse and Ting Momo.  You might be thinking to yourself, “I’ve never heard of those restaurants, they must not be that good.”  There’s good reason for that.  It’s because they are three soon to be opened restaurants at the historic Terry Avenue building in South Lake Union by Tom Douglas.  And guess who will be in the corner eating almonds and lunch meat… this guy.  Thanks Paleo Diet!!

Cuoco – Italian joint
Brave Horse – Upscale tavern
Ting Momo – Tibetan dumpling house

In other news, the 2011 Crossfit Games Open started today!  Stay tuned for updates on NWCF athletes, and also check us out here.

This is what I ate yesterday…

Breakfast – 2 eggs, 6 strips of bacon
Snack – Lara Bar
Lunch – burger patty, salad
Snack – almonds
Snack – macadamia nuts, dried mango slices
Dinner – pork ribs, chicken drums and broccoli
Snack – Go Raw snacks

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