Paleo Challenge, Day 10: Seeing Stars

10 days in!  I think I need to incorporate more sweet potatoes into my diet, because I’m getting light-headed during and after WOD’s.  I hit the wall last night after the WOD when I tried to do some extra credit.  Saw stars on my first rep of trying to lift some weight overhead and decided to DNF.  Other than that, I’m feeling pretty good during the day… this can possibly be attributed to the 2-3 Americano’s I’ve been drinking each day 🙂

Breakfast – 2 eggs, 6 strips of bacon, banana
Lunch – burger patty, steamed broccoli
Snack – Lara Bar
Snack – Almonds
Late lunch – 1/4 lb tri tip steak, broccoli
Snack – macadamia nuts, dried mango
Dinner – 3 eggs, 1 Applegate organic pork kielbasa sausage link, sweet potato chips

Pretzels from Bravehorse Tavern last night… Definitely getting some of these after this challenge!

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1 Response to Paleo Challenge, Day 10: Seeing Stars

  1. Paige Wager says:

    I could eat that entire plate in one sitting. Pass the fake cheese please!

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