Athlete Profile: Anne Austad

You’ve seen her featured in the Handstand Challenge Series as well as the Kipping Squat Demo.  Now, let’s get to know her a little better with some Q&A.

Well hello there.  So tell us how you got introduced to CrossFit?
My mom actually introduced me to CrossFit. I was home for Christmas break and my mom asked the coach if she could bring me. The coach asked, “well does she workout?” My mom’s response was, “Yeah, she is a college gymnast,” and he was like, “hell yeah bring her in!” Then I moved out to Phoenix after I graduated that spring and started going to a few CrossFit-like classes in June of 2009. The same coach opened an actual CrossFit gym in October of 2009 and that is when I really started CrossFitting everyday and fell in love with it!

What a cool story!  Can you talk a little more about your background in athletics?
Ever since I was a kid, my parents made my siblings and me play outside for an hour everyday, no matter the temperature – growing up in Minnesota, we loved the -20 degree days 🙂 We were all very active and started playing sports against each other; I eventually started playing on soccer, basketball, softball and swimming teams competitively. My true passion and favorite long lived sport is gymnastics. I have been a gymnast since I was 5 and started competing when I was 11. When I was a 7th grader I competed on the high school varsity squad as an all-arounder. I also ran cross country and ran hurdles and pole vaulted in high school. I went on to compete in gymnastics at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh for 4 years.

Switching gears, who is your favorite person at the gym?
Favorite person at the gym… I can’t pick just one person.  I love EVERYONE at the gym. Everyone has made me feel so welcome since day 1.

So, what you’re really saying is Carrido.  Nice!  Tell us something about yourself that we don’t know.
Something about myself that you don’t know is in my spare time I enjoy piercing myself and others.

Wow, that’s weird and scary.  On that note, we’re going to take a quick break and watch Anne set a terrible example for children while she demonstrates her version of a Hannibal-style workout at the playground.  We’ll be right back!

Welcome back everyone.  So Anne, what’s your favorite benchmark WOD?
Being that I love double unders and sit ups, I will go with Annie. And when I first started CrossFit I thought it was named after me 🙂

Least favorite benchmark WOD?
I would have to say J.T., although I like all the movements, all of them together is no good for me. And I have a DNF on that WOD, I need to do it again.

Do you have any CF goals that you are striving for?
I would love to qualify for the games this year. Right now I am also working on “strict” handstand push ups (no kip).  My muscle ups continue to need work, as well as L pull ups and L holds.

Speaking of the Games, after WOD #1 of the CrossFit Games Open you’re sitting 5th in the Northwest Region and 43rd in the world.  Congrats! 

What would you eat for you last meal?
My mom’s homemade beef stew with fresh french bread and butter for dipping.

Sounds AMAZING!  Ok, last question.  Who would win in a 100ft walking handstand race: You or Tyler?
ME, duh! 🙂

Well, it looks like we’ve got a race on our hands!  We’ll check with Tyler to see if he’s ready to get in on that action.  Thanks for your time Anne, and good luck in the CF Games Open!

To follow Anne’s journey to the 2011 CrossFit Games, subscribe to Kipping Squats at the top right hand corner of this page, and also stay up to date through her ATHLETE PROFILE on the CF Games website!

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5 Responses to Athlete Profile: Anne Austad

  1. Jenny DB says:

    Should have known Annie was a former gymnast. Total bad ass 🙂
    Handstand contest??

  2. Jenny DB says:

    Yes, in another life! 😉 a few surgeries later, no more tumbling for me, but I still got the handstand! And how much does crossfit resemble gymnastics conditioning, right?

  3. cliff rosson says:

    This was a fun read, we need more of these!

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