Weekend At Mt. Baker With Newbie Ned

Twenty of us went up to Mt. Baker last weekend to do a little skiing/snowboarding and get some much-needed R&R.  We had two big ol’ cabins, each sleeping 10 people, equipped with hot tubs, a pool table and a sauna.  George did a great job of filling our cabin up with 7 dudes and 3 girls.  Nice one bro.  On Friday night Tracy made a Paleo gumbo that was just what we needed after the 3-hour drive from Seattle. 

The next morning we headed up to the ski area to get first crack at the snow that fell overnight.  While some of the girls were getting set up in the rental department they met a Mt. Baker staff member named Ned who was nice enough to offer a free ski lesson to one of the girls in our group who was originally planning to just chill in the lodge while we were out on the slopes.  What a sweetheart, that Ned.  We shredded all day, Team Ski Pole Rescue successfly saved Chelsea’s ski pole and before you knew it, it was quitting time.  We packed up and headed back home so George could get to work on his Paleo chicken chili.

After dinner, board games ensued and good times were had by all.  And just when we thought the night couldn’t get any better, guess who joined the party?  None other than Ned & his posse!  What a surprise – and a good surprise it was.  We felt that him offering up his instructional services at no charge was such a kind gesture that in return we wanted to give him a token of our appreciation.  So naturally, we taught him how to do Kipping Squats.  He caught on very quickly, and after a 2-hour AMRAP of Kipping Squats we were all tuckered out and it was time for bed. 

Big thanks George for putting the trip together.  Below is the video of Ned’s Kipping Squats lesson, as well as The Marshall himself attempting something that slightly resembles a Kipping Squat.

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