Paleo Challenge, Day 30: Turn Out The Lights, The Party’s Over

The 30-Day Paleo Challenge is finally over!  This was quite possibly the longest stretch I’ve ever gone without eating rice, and easily the longest duration of time that I’ve gone without highly processed food.  I feel healthier, but I also feel weaker.  Not necessarily on a constant level throughout the day – I think my body stopped crashing 3 weeks in – but more so in terms of strength and power in the gym.  Maybe this is just the give and take of Paleo..?  Overall, I’m glad I did the challenge, and I’m actually going to continue doing Paleo (well, maybe 85-90%… I gotta eat some rice 🙂 ) for the foreseeable future.  Anybody hiring?  I’ll need a second job to support my Whole Foods habit…

Breakfast – 2 eggs, 6 strips of bacon
Snack – almonds
Lunch – tri tip and brisket, broccoli
Snack – Lara Bar, almonds
Dinner – 3 egg omelette, broccoli, Applegate smokies

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5 Responses to Paleo Challenge, Day 30: Turn Out The Lights, The Party’s Over

  1. Jojo says:

    Good job! I will continue too… 85-90%. I need my cheat meals (BK whoppers!)

  2. Dagny says:

    You don’t need a second job, you need to learn how to plan ahead and cook!

  3. Kristina says:

    We did it!! If you find that PT job, let us know. Haha.

  4. Ryan E says:

    Great job on sticking with it for the entire 30 days. Thats a very very difficult change to make. Congratulations.

    It sounds you like you need to eat more. You’re probably 2000 calories shy? (just a guess). You’ve only been eating about 2500 a day for 30 days. Thats hardly any. Its making me hungry just thinking about it!

    note: I’m not a doctor or a scientist.

  5. Bob Chung says:

    Congrats on making it to day 30. I’ve enjoyed following your adventure. I think I hear Spam musubi calling your name (haha)

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