Silly Grown Ups, Muscle Ups Are For Kids

As I was leaving work Monday, I got a text from Coach Tyler saying that Tawny Tyau just did two muscle ups – awesome news!  She’d been super close to getting one lately, but has had trouble transitioning into the dip.  But no issues this time as she executed her first (of what ended up being many) ever muscle up!  Did I mention she’s only 13 years-old??  Fellow CrossFit Kid, Jaeger Platt (also just 13 years-old) happened to be in the gym when Tawny put the smack down and was not going to be outdone.  Up to that point he too had yet to execute a muscle up.  But I think Tawny’s performance lit a fire under him and he literally walked up to the rings and nailed one on his first attempt!

Once they both realized that each of them had the movement, we onlookers ended up getting treated to a fun little muscle up duel between the two up-and-coming CrossFit Kids.  They went back and forth, trading muscle up for muscle up until each of them had fired off about a half-dozen.  Nice work, you two!  Tawny’s younger siblings Teira and Trey were practicing MU’s over the weekend as well.  I won’t be surprised if they show up one of these days and bust out a few themselves.  Jake and Tracy, what are you guys putting in your kid’s Paleo Pancakes?? 🙂



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1 Response to Silly Grown Ups, Muscle Ups Are For Kids

  1. Scott W says:

    This is awesome. Tracy looks so proud!

    Also, lets keep the posts coming Mr. Kipping Squats. What else am I supposed to do at work?

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