Post-Paleo Challenge Road Trip

During the Paleo Challenge a handful of us had talked about going on a weekend road trip when it was over, with the sole purpose of eating glorious, non-Paleo food.  Well, as my younger brother would say, “Don’t talk about it, be about it.”  So, I guess we’re going to “be about” a road trip in exactly one week from today. 

San Francisco and back in 3 days.  3-2-1 GO!!
Friday, April 29th
On the way out of town we’ll make a quick stop at Marination Station for kalbi tacos and kalua pig sliders.  Then Dick’s Drive-In to grab a Deluxe, fries and shake for the road.  Peace out Seattle.  See you in a few days!  We’ll take a short break in Portland for a little snack consisting of Bacon Maple Bars and other ridiculous creations at VooDoo Doughnuts.  Next stop, San Francisco CrossFit for an 8:30am WOD on Saturday morning…

Saturday, April 30th
Arrive in San Francisco bright and early.  Grab some coffee and a pastry.  Proceed to puke it all over the place at San Francisco CrossFit for our early morning WOD.  After that, head over to the Ferry Building to get in line for the most amazing porchetta sandwich we will ever sink our teeth into from Roli Roti.  Once our bellies are full we’ll head into the city to explore and shop around while rebuilding our appetites.  We’ll eventually wander over to the Mission District for some of the best Mexican food north of the border.  Possibly at Taqueria La Cumbre, which is supposedly the birth place of the Mission Style Burrito, and was featured on Travel Channel’s “Man vs. Food.”  Maybe we give it a whirl – or one of the other 10,000 grub spots in the Mission.  Once we’re satisfied with our level of fatness, it’s on the road again.  Next stop:  Anne’s family ranch/vineyard in Napa for food and wine (or diet coke, if you’re like me)!  No French Laundry or AdHoc for us.  We’re eating some good ol’ home cooking at the ranch!
Sunday, May 1st
Departing Napa, we’ll find a place that serves up a mean breakfast and a strong cup of Joe.  I was thinking Boon Fly Cafe, but it sounds like they have Portage Bay Cafe type of waits, so we’ll play it by ear.  Eleven more hours of driving and then it’s eat, drink and sleep in Portland.

Monday, May 2nd
Wake up before the sun rises.  Coffee.  Breakfast.  Driving.  Home sweet home (aka my desk at work).

So we’re looking at 1,638 miles.  10 people.  3 cars.  1 weekend.  This is sure to be a fun little road trip. We’ll definitely have to stop every few hours to stretch our legs and bust out a few kipping squats.  I wonder if we should do a weigh in before we leave, everybody throws in $10, and whoever gains the most weight over the weekend wins the pot.  AMPAP in 60 hours (as many pounds as possible), winner takes all.  I don’t see why we wouldn’t.  You guys got any other ideas??

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4 Responses to Post-Paleo Challenge Road Trip

  1. Nikki says:

    I’m ready to stuff my face!!!!!!!!!

  2. lauren says:

    I will partake in a Greater Seattle Area post-paleo binge that weekend! Drive safely and take pics of all the good eats along the way!!

  3. cliff rosson says:

    So bummed I couldn’t go. Awesome!

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