11.6 And We’re Out!

We have reached the 6th and final week of the 2011 CrossFit Games Open.  It’s been an interesting month and a half, to say the least.  Some of us started the 30-Day Paleo Challenge at the same time that the Open Series began.  It certainly wasn’t ideal timing, considering the ‘crash’ that comes during that first 10 or so days.  But the athletes were able to tough it out and proceeded to have a strong showing since then. 

Things are looking pretty good going into Week-6.  As an individual competitor you need to finish the 6-week series with a Top-60 ranking to advance to the Northwest Regional on June 10-12.  We currently have 4 or 5 guys that are sitting in one of those 60 transfer positions, more ladies than I can count, and our Masters are kicking butt in their respective classes.  But what’s possibly the coolest part of this whole thing is that Team NWCF has a stronghold over the 1st place position within the Northwest Region team competition.  In order for a team to advance to the Northwest Regional, they must have a Top-30 ranking.  We figured we’d just save ourselves the trouble of stressing over a transfer spot and decided to snag 1st from the get-go 😉

Today, we’ll give WOD 11.6 (the 6th and final WOD of the series) a shot and cross our fingers that our scores aren’t too bad!  We may not have the biggest athletes at NWCF, but we certainly have a decent group of folks that can throw down a blazing Fran time.  This will hopefully help give us an edge on 11.6, since the WOD consists of thrusters and pullups.

Once we wrap up the last WOD of the 2011 CrossFit Games Open tonight, it’s on the road to San Francisco to get our eat on!  Stay tuned to see how we end up at the conclusion of The Open, and also to see how our Post-Paleo Challenge Road Trip goes!

And now for your viewing pleasure, Sophie learns Kipping Squats.

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