Road Trip Recap: Part I

Oh herro, from San Francisco CrossFit!

The Post-Paleo Challenge Roadtrip got off to a bit of a rough start.  On the way to meet up with everyone I made a quick stop at Whole Foods to pick up some snacks for the road.  As I walked into the store I ran through my mental checklist of all the items I wanted to buy – almonds, walnuts, macadami nuts and, of course, dried mangoes.  I headed straight to the bulk foods aisle to grab what I needed and get the heck out of Dodge.  But as I neared the containers that hold the dried fruit, I could tell something wasn’t right.  After a few more steps my suspicions were confirmed.  What was the problem?  Nothing was the problem.  And what I mean by that is there was nothing in the dried mango bins.  NOTHING.  All gone.  Wiped out.  All I could think to myself was, “COME ON STEVE!!”

He cleaned out both containers... Come on Steve!

Thankfully, Marination Station wasn’t out of food when we went to fill up our bellies for the long drive ahead.  The line was literally out the door when we arrived, but the food was well worth the wait!

SPAM sliders, kimchee fried rice with two fried eggs and spicy pork on top, assorted tacos and kalbi beef salad... salad wasn't part of the original plan, but Nikki's gluten allergy gave her a pass :p

It was finally time to hit the road.  We made a quick pit stop at McDonald’s and Starbucks in Tacoma and we were off to Portland.  Dustin decided to take over the wheel in Anne’s car, which was probably a good idea considering that Anne, a nurse, had been up since she got off her shift the day prior.  This driver change made for a pretty funny sight, with Dustin – 6’1″, 225# – attempting to squeeze into the cockpit of Anne’s Honda Civic SI Coupe.  Clown car immediately came to mind.

Three hours later we found our way to VooDoo Doughnuts.  Like Marination Station, the line was long.  Who knew that half of Portland would be lined up at a doughnut shop on a Friday night.  Well, these people obviously had the right idea, and after 2 months of Paleo those bacon maple bars couldn’t have tasted any better.

Not a better combo on earth.

Five million calories later, we were back on the road for the long haul to San Fran.  For the next few hours we weaved in and out of traffic, playing automobile leap frog to stay entertained… wait.  What I meant to say is that we stayed in the right lane except to pass, and never exceeded the speed limit.  After a brief moment of panic where Nikki’s hybrid came a wee-bit close to running out of gas, we found a gas station.  Kudos to Amy for her fuel-management skills, being as light-footed as possible to get us to the pump.  Apparently, the little ol’ hybrid has a 10-gallon tank, and we filled up 9.9 gallons.  Meh, we had plenty of cushion 😉  In all seriousness, thank goodness we made it to the gas station, because our phones didn’t have service going over the pass, and by that point all three cars had split up.  Before you knew it the sun was rising and we were just a few hours from SF.

We switched up the itinerary a bit and headed straight to San Francisco CrossFit when we got into town.  It was 10 AM, 70 degrees and the sun was glorious.  You know, pretty much the same as what we’re used to in Seattle.  As we started to warm up, it didn’t take long for the sleep deprivation to catch up.  Everyone had been awake for at least 24 hours, and most of us more.  At that point, I think Anne was around 40 hours.  We stretched out a bit, did some mobility stuff to warm up, and then… Whoa!  Guess who decided to stroll into class 10 minutes late?!  None other than Christine Carosi…  Hair just looking fabulous.  I kid you not, I think she came straight from the salon.  Anyhow, we moved onto some skill work (bar muscle ups), and then had a fun little WOD that consisted of front squats and prowler pushes.

The most important thing about the Kipping Squat is the thrust. Open up those hips!

Once we were done getting our swoll on, bought our t-shirts and took our pictures, we packed up and headed to Roli Roti to stuff our faces.  This porchetta sandwich is something special.  They make sure each sandwich has a big heap of porchetta, chopped up crispy pork skin, sprinkled with sea salt and topped off with some sort of green garnishy looking stuff (you know I don’t know my veggies). 

Porchetta. Mmmm.

The farmer’s market at the Ferry Building was excellent, and we found some nice flowers and sweets to take to Anne’s aunt for letting us stay at the ranch.  With happy bellies and tired bodies, we rounded up the troops and headed to the ranch!

…Part II of the recap coming once I get my act together 🙂

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3 Responses to Road Trip Recap: Part I

  1. Ryan E says:

    fun read. looking forward to part 2.

  2. Kelsey Smith says:

    Glad you were representing for the men with those pretty ladies!!!

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