Food Trucks: Paleo Style

Breanne and I managed to hit up two of our favorite food joints in one day yesterday!  For lunch we headed over to Where Ya At Matt? in South Lake Union to visit our friend Matt.  He’s the owner of this outrageously delicious Creole/Soul Food joint, and also happens to be a fellow CrossFitter at NWCF.  He is well aware of our diet, and took the fixings that would normally go onto one of his write-home-about-it-good po’boys and transformed it into a salad for us.  Tracy had oysters and Breanne had pork with appleslaw.  I had blackened shrimp with bacon, which is normally called the Shrimpmaker.  It’s a spinoff of the popular Peacemaker po’boy which normally consists of fried oysters and bacon.  I’m not a huge fan of oysters, so I used to get a similar version, but with deep-fried shrimp 🙂  But since deep-fried anything is out of the picture, Matt seasoned and blackened the shrimp to keep them Paleo!  My friend Susan on the other hand, who is not on the Paleo Diet, got a fried shrimp po’boy and sweet potato pie!!  I couldn’t even look at it.  Bread and I used to be really good friends, but things have gone south since I started doing this diet.  AND she said that the sweet potato pie was quite possibly the best she’s ever had, which means a lot coming from someone who knows her sweet potato pies!  So that said, we had to order one… for Breanne, of course.  I may have had a bite.  But if so, I can assure you that it was just one.  And if I did in fact have that one bite, then my conclusion would be that Susan was correct!

Braden, Matt, Tracy and I (behind the camera 🙂 ) at the Marination Station Grand Opening!

That evening we all ended up at the gym.  Matt was there with his kid, who pretty much melted every girls heart that was in there.  Tyler Middleton was there too, and brought his parents with him.  The WOD was a tough one.  All shoulders!  Afterward we decided to do some extra credit.  We came up with a partner WOD – Boys (Zak and I) vs. Girls (Kim and Breanne) – which ended in tears for the girls 😉  Once we wrapped that up I noticed that we still had 30 minutes before Marination Station closed, so I asked Breanne if she wanted to hit them up before they shut down for the day.  She looked at me like that was the stupidest question I’d ever asked, and we proceeded to make our way over there.  Unfortunately, our favorite taco slangin’ girls Kamala and Roz weren’t there, but the crew on hand was able to take care of us just as well.  We ordered salad versions of our favorite tacos.  I got spicy pork with two fried eggs over a bed of cabbage salad, and Breanne got the same style but with ginger chicken and kalbi beef.  SO. DANG. GOOD.  Not as good as the kimchi fried rice bowl with the same toppings, but when you’re working with a limited list of acceptable foods, this is pretty darn close!

So for all you Paleo-eating fools out there who have been tricked into eating like caveman (who btw only had a life expectancy of less that 30… why are we copying them again?), it is now possible to get your food-truck-fix and still stay on course!  Thanks to Matt, Kamala and Roz for accommodating our complicated meal plans!! 🙂

Where Ya At Matt? and Marination Mobile.

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2 Responses to Food Trucks: Paleo Style

  1. Jojo Aquino says:

    Nice! I got to go there and try their food!

  2. Amy says:

    Best sweet potato pie in the world!!! Come to Boston and bring me one! Or ten!

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