Heather’s 25th Birthday WOD!!

In honor of Heather’s birthday today, I put together a little WOD to celebrate her turning a quarter of a century!!  The workout includes some movements she asked for in a round and rep scheme based off of her DOB, which is 5-27-1986, and the dumbbell weight for overhead walking lunges is 25# for both boys and girls since she is turning 25.  Mount up!
5 Rounds of:
27 Burpees
19 T2B…..FB: Toes Through Rings
8 Pullups…..FB: Chest To Bar Pullups
6 HSPU…..FB: Diamond Grip HSPU (create a diamond with your hands by touching your thumbs and index fingers.  This is the hand placement you need to maintain for each rep.)
Finish EACH round with: 100 Ft OH Walking Lunges, 25# dumbbell’s for everyone – both boys and girls (you can hold the DB with both hands on each end if you want)!
Happy Birthday Heather!!  I think most people will probably be there around 6:30ish pm.  Anne, Breanne, Ashley and I hit it at noon.  Also, we don’t need any of the equipment needed for the regular WOD today, so there shouldn’t be any interference with the class.  Spread the word!  The WOD is posted on the whiteboard to the right of the main board.  I also created a chart on WOD Club so everyone can post their times here.  3-2-1 GO!!

RIP Breanne. She gave it her all, but in the end the WOD got the best of her. At least she died with good abs.

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