Wodding in Paradise

Prior to leaving for Hawaii on our family vacation, Heather and I had loose plans to visit as many CrossFit gyms as we could when we were there.  Unfortunately, our plans didn’t work out as we had initially hoped, but we were still able to fit a few WOD’s in here and there.  We hit one CF gym in Honolulu.  I caught an early morning workout at a park by our hotel the next day.  And then we took a couple of days off.  After being in Oahu

for 4 days we hopped over to Kauai.  Our family had the days pretty packed with fun activities and exploration, so we were relegated to working out in the hotel gym at the Marriott a couple of times.  Before you knew it Heather was on a plane back to Seattle, and she wasn’t able to catch a WOD at Kauai CrossFit.  I made up for her absence the best I could and managed to WOD there a few times.

WOD 1:
Our first vacation WOD took place at Oahu CrossFit in Honolulu.  This was an awesome box and the trainers were super nice as well.  I swear it was about 105 degrees in the gym, which made it feel like a hybrid workout between CrossFit and hot yoga.  I am positive that I sweat more during the warm-up there than I have in any full-on WOD in Seattle.

The WOD had an “every minute on the minute” format, so everyone ended up with the same score.  The movements were pretty basic, and the WOD itself wasn’t terribly taxing, but we had the option to beef up the movements to make the WOD a bit more difficult.  Example: instead of ring dips I subbed muscle ups, and instead of regular pushups I put my feet on a 20″ box and did clapping pushups.

Deadlift 5×3
AMRAP 2 minutes of situps
Max HSPU without coming off the wall

Every minute on the minute for 12 minutes…
3 ring dips (FB, muscle ups)
6 push ups (FB, feet elevated onto 20″ box, clapping)

WOD 2:
I ended up going solo on my second vacation WOD.  I was with my parents at a hotel on the beach, and Heather was with our aunt and uncle in a condo in the Northwest part of town.  We had a busy schedule that day so I figured I would just get it out of the way early.  So at about 6:30am (my body was still on PST) I walked to this park by the hotel that had some pullup bars and got my Hannibal-style workout on, minus the mid-shin length jean shorts and gardening gloves.  It ended up being a little segmented as I got stopped about 3 times by morning walkers and joggers asking me what the heck I was doing.  But if you know my workout style, you know I wasn’t complaining about the rest periods 😉

4 rounds:
60 Double Unders
15 Strict Pullups
30 Squats

Time – 11:49

Finished with 50 T2B and 20 bar muscle ups, untimed.

Kauai WOD’s
We did our next couple of workouts at the hotel gym.  Luckily, there weren’t many people there when we were working out, so we were spared the weird looks and under-breath mutterings that usually occur when CrossFitters start busting out burpees and kipping pullups in a “normal” gym.

WOD 3:
I was really surprised and happy when my brother decided to join us for this WOD.  For those that don’t know him, he has about the same athletic ability as me, but just bigger.  The thing about this kid is that he never works out, but on the rare occasion that he decides to join me for a WOD he can always lift just as much as me.  It’s kind of gross.  If he ever gets the itch to give CrossFit a try for any sustained period of time I think we’ll all have some major competition on our hands!

Start with…
1 Leg Crank

Then 21-15-9

Then 42-30-18
Tuck Jumps

Finish with…
1 Leg Crank

Darren – 14:49
Heather – 17:30
Eddie – 13:30, slightly modified

WOD 4:
Heather totally kicked my butt on WOD 4.  At first I had 30# DB’s, but after about 5 reps I knew it was too light, so we stopped the clock so I could grab heavier weights and started over.  I tried to pace her, but I couldn’t keep up to save my life!

AMRAP 10 Minutes
10 DB HPC 50#/20#
10 DB FS 50#/20#
10 DB PP 50#/20#
10 T2B

Tabata Squats

Tabata Pushups

Darren – 4 Rounds plus ?? reps
Heather – 5 Rounds plus ?? reps

By the time I got to WOD Kauai CrossFit, Heather had gone back to Seattle, so I was on my own for the rest of the trip.  I showed up to Kauai CrossFit and the first thing I noticed was that this place is literally across a running path from the beach.  Talk about a primo location!  The box itself is like a mini San Francisco CrossFit, in that there are no walls.  Just a structure with a roof, pullup bars connected to the beams, and all the other bells and whistles you need to get your WOD on.  It’s the perfect setup for a beachside box.  I met some really awesome folks there and had a lot of fun over the few days that I worked out at KC.  I highly suggest you check it out if you are ever on Kauai.

WOD 5:

For time:
25 Walking lunge steps
25 Pull-ups
50 Box jumps
25 Double-unders
25 Ring dips
25 Knees to elbows
25 Kettlebell swings, 2 pood
50 Sit-ups
20 DB Hang squat cleans, 35#
50 Super Mans
30 Wall ball shots, 20#
3 Rope climb ascents

Time – 16:40

Regarding my final time, I don’t remember exactly when I finished off the top of my head, but I think 16:40 was close.  I’m guessing that Jerome, the owner of Kauai CF, probably thought I was an idiot when I stopped mid-WOD to change out of my Inov-8’s into my Nike’s because I didn’t want to do rope climbs with the Inov-8’s.  Gotta protect the kicks!

WOD 6:
Each Saturday at Kauai CF has a partner or team WOD.  This felt fairly familiar since NWCF has partner WOD’s every now and then, so I was excited to see what was in store.  The WOD ended up being a really short one, but it was fun.  I partnered up with Chris and we got after it!

4 Rounds (2 rounds per person):
20 Hang Power Cleans, 115#
20 Front Squats, same weight
20 Bent Over Rows, same weight

During the time when partner-A was doing the barbell work, partner-B would do AMRAP of 2 pushups, 4 supermans and 6 abmat situps.

Time – No idea, but it was quick!

After the WOD we hung around and played around with muscle ups.  Kauai CF members Chris and Julia had been working on them for a while but had yet to fully execute a muscle up.  With some minor tweaks to their technique, and video recorders rolling, they officially performed their first muscle ups!  If you have your muscle ups down, you know how great the feeling of getting your first one is!  Nice job Chris and Julia!  Check out their muscle ups on the Kauai CrossFit Facebook video page.

WOD 7:
I didn’t think I was going to workout on Sunday, so it was a treat to find out that I could squeeze one last WOD into the trip before we headed back to the similarly tropic conditions of the Pacific Northwest.  I peeked online to see what the WOD was going to be that day, and as the page loaded I was hoping that it would be a short and sweet one – no running or anything silly like that.  A moment later I learned that my wish for short and sweet was only half-delivered.  Short – yes.  Sweet – not even close.  It was the good ol’ benchmark Diane!

Deadlifts, 225#

Time – 2:25, new PR!!

This was my second time ever doing this Benchmark WOD and it blew me up!  My lower back and right hamstring are still sore from it… or maybe that means I strained something since it’s been over a week already :-/  Haha.  At any rate, I managed to get a PR on the WOD, so I suppose it was worth it… just as long as I get healed up in time for Regionals on June 10-12!  Thanks again Jerome and the Kauai CrossFit crew for the hospitality!

Oh yeah, and I saw Superman at the airport.  NBD.  What up Clark Kent.  Kipping Squats, over and out!

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3 Responses to Wodding in Paradise

  1. cliff rosson says:

    Man looks like you guys had a blast! Lots o fun.

  2. Jenny DB says:

    Umm you totally crushed Diane… Way to get your WOD on in Hawaii 🙂 Good luck at regionals!!!!

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