Stop Sucking At Running

If you’re interested in improving your running and endurance, who better to learn from than a guy that voluntarily runs 50k trail races in his spare time.  Beginning tonight at 6:30pm, our good friend and CrossFit Endurance certified coach Steve Rybolt will be conducting CrossFit Endurance WOD’s every Thursday at the Roosevelt High School track.  Whether you’re planning to run a marathon this year, or would just like to become a better runner, this class is the place to be. 

If you’ve been thinking about getting back into shape for your summer activities, I’m sorry to inform you, but summer has already arrived.  This means outdoor activities like hiking and running the lake are commencing as well.  Don’t be the one holding up the group!  Leave that to me 🙂  Below is a letter from Steve.  Come on out tonight and get your endurance on!

“Hi Guys!

Starting this Thursday NWCrossFit is going to be programming one day of CrossFit Endurance (CFE).  The WODs will be 6:30 at Roosevelt Track (three blocks from the gym).  This is a pilot program that will last four months and there is no cost.  We’ll be purely focused on running and training smarter, not harder.  If your training for an event, i.e. Rock and Roll Marathon, Seattle Marathon, Tough Mudder, etc., this is a great complement to your current CrossFit training!  We’ll focus on running technique and drills, a running WOD, and mobility.  Once a month we’ll also do video analysis. 

Please let me know if you have any questions and I hope to see you on the track!  Also, pass the word along and bring your friends and get them to join CrossFit!”

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2 Responses to Stop Sucking At Running

  1. Jenny DB says:

    I’m scared of “running WODs” just saying..

    • Ditto. But I’m sure Steve will let you do the WOD’s on your hands since the handstand position seems to be more comfortable for all you ex-gymnasts than standing 😉

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