The WOD at NWCF on Wednesday was “Fran”, and a lot of people were throwing down fast times!  For those that don’t know, Fran is probably most classic and well-known CrossFit workout there is.  I also think it’s one of the most deceiving ones, considering the relatively short amount of time it takes to complete it.  On paper, it doesn’t look all that bad.  I mean, how hard can it be?

For time:
Thrusters with 95 pounds

So really, all you’re doing is 21 thrusters and 21 pullups.  Then 15 of each, and finishing with 9 of each.  Piece of cake, right?  Wrong.  I remember the first time I did Fran.  I’d never felt that much pain from a workout in my life!  The fact that I hadn’t yet bought into the kipping pullup concept just made matters worse.  After what seemed like an hour later my biceps felt like they had been ripped from the tendons, I literally thought my forearms could have exploded at any moment, and my quads felt like I had spilled a boiling pot of water in my lap.  Now imagine drinking a double tall, non-fat, vanilla, rusty razor blade latte – that’s what my lungs felt like, minus the vanilla.  The worst part was the feeling of helplessness; there was no way to escape the pain.  Fetal position, sprawled out, stretching – nothing helps!  I stayed curled in a ball for about 15 minutes on the floor of the Greenlake gym.  Laurie was like, “Dude, are you OK?”  My answer: a simple “No.”

I went to the Ballard gym last night to watch Anne take on this hellish workout.  The girl made it look easy.  The energy at the gym was awesome with the entire 6:30 class hanging around after the WOD to watch her blow the doors off of it.  I had my little Flip Camera rolling to capture her throwing down this 3:20 Fran!  What the video doesn’t show is that she also did a heavy squat workout after Fran.  Crazy lady.  I’m willing to bet the farm that she will get a sub-3min time on her next crack at it!  Check her out.

After Anne destroyed Fran, she, Breanne and Coral put the pressure on me to give it a go.  I wanted nothing to do with it.  I had just been texting Brian Shannon earlier that day, and we both agreed that we were on the once-a-year-Fran program.  Oh, those CrossFit girls and their persuasive ways… I cracked and ended up lacing up my boots and giving it a shot.  I’ve never seen myself do pullups before.  Evidently, I do them really, really slow.  I love the commentary from the girls.

Fran makes me feel like this…

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5 Responses to FRANtastic!

  1. Jojo Aquino says:

    Nice work! Still need to do a Fran WOD. Missed yesterday’s WOD.

  2. Jenny DB says:

    Dude, SO Much harder than it looks! I did the first 21 thrusters unbroken and then felt like i was gonna puke for the next 2 minutes. Good times 🙂

  3. Dude you weren’t even tired lookign at the end!

  4. C-H-R-I-S-T-I-N-E says:

    nice shirt 🙂

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