CrossFit Endurance Today!

Once again, it’s that time of the week.  Lace up those running shoes and meet Coach Steve at the Roosevelt High School track tonight at 6:30 for this week’s CrossFit Endurance workout.  Check out the chart for tonight’s CFE WOD here.

Don’t be a dummy like Carrido by showing up late and joining the action with cold muscles.  WARM UP!  We’ve gone over this before; leave the negligence to me.  I’m good at it.  Get there on time so you can warm-up and stretch properly with the group.

Apparently this happens when you jump into 100m sprints without proper warm-up.  Strained hamstring, anyone?

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3 Responses to CrossFit Endurance Today!

  1. joseaqui says:

    Ouch! Didn’t realize you injured yourself that bad last week!

    • It doesn’t hurt nearly as bad as it looks. I’ve strained muscles and I’ve torn them, and this was definitely just a strain. It’s sore, but I’ve been able to get around OK since then. The funny part is that the pain is actually in the mid-outer part of my hamstring… no where near the bruise. The main thing I got from this is that I’m no spring chicken anymore, and that I have to stay consistent with my warm-ups and stretching haha.

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