Paleo Challenge 2.0: Day 19

2 Eggs
6 Strips of bacon
Americano w/cream

Spicy pork over a cabbage salad with 2 fried eggs on top

1/8 Pound of salami
Handful of almonds and macadamia nuts

1.5 Pounds of short ribs
1/2 Pound of grilled veggies

Dinner #2
12 Prawns… sauce was likely unpaleo 🙂


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2 Responses to Paleo Challenge 2.0: Day 19

  1. You eat a lot of macadamia nuts. Do you get them in bulk from somewhere around here?

    • I’ve been getting them lately from Trader Joes. They have pretty good pricing, and the taste of the roasted/salted type is super good. When you wrap them in dried mango, it’s unbeatable 🙂

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