Friday’s with Fran

We were thinking it would be fun to have a video every Friday of some variation of Fran.  It doesn’t have to be a serious, go-for-broke, standard Fran each time either.  For instance, the big one that we’ve been talking about recently is Chocolate Milk Fran, where we would chug a 16oz. container of that sugary, dairy goodness before each round.  Or Super Sized Fran, where we would pick our favorite extra value meal from McDonald’s and eat the burger before the first round, fries before the second and a milkshake to start the final round.  The newest idea was brought up this morning by Anne – Bacon Maple Bar Fran!  Genius, right??  That would require a trip down to Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland, and we’d have to ask the crew at CrossFit Portland if we could throw it down in their gym… not so sure they’d be happy about any throwing up, however.  We can figure those details out later, but for now here is our first installment.  Darren was the sacrificial lamb for this one.  We’re calling it Fran for Fools, since it was clearly a foolish decision.  The regular 21-15-9 rep scheme applies, but with 135# for the thrusters and bar muscle ups instead of pullups.  If you’ve got ideas for a “fun” Fran, send them our way.  Or if you have a video of yourself doing an entertaining version of Fran, or even just regular Fran that you’re proud of, send it over and we’ll get it posted up!  Happy Friday!!

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