Friday’s with Fran: Tyler takes on Franimal

About a year and a half ago, when I was still a relative newbie to CrossFit, I walked into the gym one day and Tyler told me that I had to do a workout called Franimal.  I was familiar with Fran, but had never heard of Franimal.  Reason being, Tyler had just invented it and gave it a go earlier that day.  It was the same rep scheme and movements as Fran, but there were some slight adjustments to the weight used and technicalities of the movements.  And by slight adjustments I mean body weight for the thruster weight, and chest to bar pullups.  Oh, and one more thing… a 25# vest must be worn throughout the entire workout.  It took Tyler around 26 minutes and me about 24 minutes.  Franimal won.  It was miserable.  On the whiteboard for Franimal there were 3 guys who actually finished it and had a time posted.  There were twice as many with ‘DNF’ next to their names.  This week, a much improved Tyler made another run at Franimal.  This time Tyler won.

While wearing a 25# vest…
Thrusters with bodyweight (170# for Tyler)
Chest to bar pull ups

Time – 15:42!

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1 Response to Friday’s with Fran: Tyler takes on Franimal

  1. Jojo Aquino says:

    That’s a crazy WOD! Nice work, Tyler!!!!

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