Partners in Pain Throwdown – August 13th!

Come say farewell to the old NWCF Bellevue location with one last throwdown called PARTNERS IN PAIN!  The format will be teams of two – one male and one female.  Find yourself a partner and sign up for what is sure to be fun and exciting event!

*UPDATED!!* When: Saturday, August 13th, 10:00am-2:00pm
*TEAM CHECK-IN starts at 9:00am

Where: NWCF Bellevue, 12121 Northup Way Suite #110, Bellevue, WA 98005

Who: 2-person teams comprised of one male and one female.

Cost: FREE!

WOD’s: There will be 2 shorter WOD’s and then a relatively long chipper for the finale. That way we can fit the event into around 4 hours tops.  3 WOD’s in 4 hours, YOWZA!

The WOD’s will certainly be challenging, but don’t expect them to be anything outrageos.  We don’t want to get ourselves too wore out for the Grand Opening Party later that night at the new Bellevue location!

SIGN UP as a competitor or VOLUNTEER by sending an email to  Include the names and contact information for both teammates.  Also, include your team name 🙂  For volunteers, we need people to help with registration and setting up equipment for the WOD’s.

*Given the short window of time that we are working with for the throwdown, we will be limiting the competition to 20 teams.  We currently have 16 teams signed up.

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