Partners in Pain: WOD’s Announced!

BOOM!  Below you will find the WOD’s for the Partners in Pain Throwdown.  Make sure to eat a good breakfast 🙂

WOD 1: Partner Relay
In WOD 1 teams will complete six 100ft trips (50ft and back) performing different movements in each trip.  Some of the trips will require that one teammate completes all 100ft before the next teammate begins.  Others will require both teammates to complete the 100ft at the same time.

1 Round:
100ft Weighted OH Walking Lunges, 45#/35# (one partner goes at a time)
100ft Wheel Barrow (partners go at the same time and switch at 50ft)
100ft Sandbag Squat Broad Jumps, 40#/30# (one partner goes at a time)
100ft Partner Carry (any partner can carry the other any distance)
100ft Lateral Over-partner Burpees (partners go at the same time)
100ft Leap Frog (partners go at the same time)

WOD 2: Pick Your Poison, Hopper Style
At the conclusion of WOD 1, judges will randomly select one exercise each from 3 different hoppers; body weight, strength and cardio.  A predetermined number of reps will be associated with each exercise (reps below are just examples).  Teams will complete 4 rounds of whatever exercises are pulled.  Partner ‘A’ must complete all reps of an exercise before Partner ‘B’ starts his/her reps for that exercise.

Body Weight Hopper:
20 Pull Ups
25 HR Push Ups

30 Kipping Squats… jk 🙂

Strength Hopper:
20 KB Swings
15 Thrusters
15 Power Cleans

Cardio Hopper:
500m Row
200m Run
50 Dubs

Example: If pull ups, swings and 200m runs were selected, then the WOD would go as follows…

4 Rounds:
20 Pull Ups
20 KB Swings
200m Run

WOD 3: Final Chipper
All reps for each exercise must be completed before moving onto the next exercise.  Only one team member may work at one time.  The reps can be broken up however each team chooses.  There is no minimum or maximum as to how many reps each team member must do for each exercise.

For time…

Buy-in: 200 Double Unders

Burpee Box Jumps 24″/20″
Toes to Bar
Split Jumps
Pull Ups
Wall Balls 20#/14#
KB Swings 53#/35#
DB Push Press 30#/20#


Renegade Rows 30#/20#
Partner Push Ups (Video explanation to come. Pretty simple.)

Cash Out: 200 Double Unders

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