Team List for Partners in Pain

This is who we have signed up so far!

1. Freaks and Obliques: Charlie Farra & Breanne Pelkey
2. Team China: Lloyd Hung & Nikki Lee
3. Drextina: Drexel Kwon & Kristina Lum
4. Mr. and Mrs. Smith: Gabe Smith & Kelsey Smith
5. Handstand Pull Ups: Scott WInges & Heather Shimono
6. Kipping Squats: Darren Carrido & Anne Austad
7. Team Sonicare: Keagan Eckland & Kaliska Pacheco
8. Threat Level Midnight: Joe Lednicky & Haley Knight
9. Criss Cross: Alex Kourkournelis & Tali Zabari
10. Beauty and the Beast: Tyler Searle & Jill Richard
11. Everyday I’m Shufflin: Jesse Aspuria & Kendall Lund
12. Ma’Men: Manish Mangal & Mennen Perez
13. TBD: Tracy Tyau & Christina Koehn
14. TBD: Zach Gottlieb & Lissa Armato
15. TBD: Larry Silber & Stacey McFerran
16. TBD: David Marks & Jillian Janison
17. Green Eggs & H.A.M.: Mats Fredrickson & Kristina McAuliffe
18. TBD: Mark Storslee & Taylor Storslee
19. TBD: Ian Stewart & Nicole Stewart
20. Team Haderli/Holeman: Travis Haderli & Kate Holeman
21. Vo2-Minis: Sean Bissell & Lindsay Bissell

Available Athletes:
Matt Boyle
Matt Cunanan

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