90% Paleo. 10% Disaster.

I’ve remained about 90% Paleo throughout the summer.  But that other 10% has been a bad, bad, BAD 10%.  On a few occasions I managed to snap a pic before I shoved it down my throat 🙂

Below is just some of what I’ve filled that 10% with since Saturday…

Carne Asada with the rice, beans AND tortillas
Sushi… full-on rice, rolls with tempura in them, and noodles for good measure
Brownies and ice cream

Eggs, sausage links, rice and potato pancakes
Chicken noodle soup
A sleeve of saltine crackers
2 bottles of Gatorade
Ice cream at home

Monday: @Boom Noodle
Katsu curry over rice
Big ass bowl of ramen with pork
Ice cream at home

Tuesday: @Roro’s BBQ
Cornbread and fries with dinner
Ice cream at home

Wednesday: @the M’s game…
4 piece fish and chips from Ivar’s
Garlic fries
Jumbo hot dog
Chocolate chip cookie


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3 Responses to 90% Paleo. 10% Disaster.

  1. Dustin says:

    You’d better clean up your act for a bit, because its probably going to go out the window in Whistler.

  2. Pic 3 looks like Portage Bay Cafe. Also I LOVE RORO’s.

    This is an epic post!

  3. Alex Kourkoumelis says:

    I’d say that’s at least 11% disaster. just sayin…

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