Partners in Pain Recap

Sorry for the  delay on posting the results!  What a fun day at the Partners in Pain Throwdown.  Thanks to everyone that came out!  I really hope that you all had a good time.  And thank you for doubling as judges/equipment setter-uppers in addition to being competitors in the event.  This would have been impossible without everyone’s help.

Shout out to Sean for putting together an awesome video, and to Mennen for snapping so many great pics!

The Crew!

1st Place: Ginger Teriyaki – Anne and Darren

2nd Place: Beauty and the Beast – Tyler and Jill (the only pic I could find with both of them in it!)

3rd Place: Freaks and Obliques – Breanne and Charlie
4th Place: Drextina – Drexel and Kristina
Best Dressed: Threat Level Midnight – Joe and Haley

The real reason all of us guys come to the gym… The ladies of NWCF

Also, a special thanks to Jake, Joe, Laurie and the rest of gang that spent the entire day/night before moving the equipment from the old location to the new one.  You guys made it happen for us!

Considering the turnout and feedback, I suppose we’ll have to do this again soon 🙂 Until next time!

1. Ginger Teriyaki, Darren Carrido & Anne Austad
2. Beauty and the Beast, Tyler Searle & Jill Richard
3. Freaks and Obliques, Charlie Farra & Breanne Pelkey
4. Drextina, Drexel Kwon & Kristina Lum
5. Green Eggs & H.A.M., Mats Fredrickson & Kristina McAuliffe
6. The Hangover 3, Matt Boyle & Coral Carpenter
T-7. Team Haderli/Holeman, Travis Haderli & Kate Holeman
T-7. Threat Level Midnight, Joe Lednicky & Haley Knight
T-9. Everyday I’m Shufflin’, Jesse Aspuria & Kendall Lund
T-9. Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Gabe Smith & Kelsey Smith
T-9. Team China, Lloyd Hung & Nikki Lee
12. Handstand Pull Ups, Scott Winges & Heather Shimono
T-13. Double Wonders, Mark Storslee & Taylor Storslee
T-13. Thing One & Thing Two, Ian Stewart & Nicole Stewart
15. Vo2-Minis, Sean Bissell & Lindsay Bissell
16. Puss’n’Glutes, David Marks & Jillian Janison
T-17. The Macho Nachos “of Fury”, Zach Gottlieb & Breanna York
T-17. The Young and The Restless, Larry Silber & Stacey McFerran
19. Team Sonicare, Keagan Eckland & Kaliska Pacheco
20. Princess and the Frog, Tracy Tyau & Christina Koehn
21. Ma’Men, Manish Mangal & Mennen Perez

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  1. Jill B. says:

    These names are awesome.

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