Nutts Cup Recap: Kipping Squats Takes 3rd!

What an amazing event that Emily Beers and the rest of the CrossFit Vancouver crew put on last weekend to remember and celebrate the life of Andy “Nutts” Nuttall.  Thank you very much for having us!  From start to finish, this event was top-notch.

The day started off with some heart-felt words from the owner of CrossFit Vancouver as well as a fellow comrade of Andy’s from the Canadian military.  After that, the tournament director went over standards of movements for the WOD’s and before you knew it, it was 3-2-1 GO!

The first WOD was a bit of a toughy for us, given our team’s general inexperience with squat snatches.  The guidelines were as follows…

WOD 1: 6 Squat Snatches, every minute on the minute for 10 minutes
-As a team pick a weight (women 60%)
-Weight is locked in and cannot be changed once the WOD begins
-Highest weight over the 10 rounds wins
-One team member at a time, minimum 1 rep per teammate per round
-Pro rate rounds completed if DNF (8 Rounds = 80%)
-1 men’s bar, 1 women’s bar per team

The team chose to go with 160#, which was more weight than Drexel and Carrido had ever used in a WOD.  In fact, it was 5# over Jared’s previous 1RM.  Over the course of the WOD, Jared PR’d 15 times without failing a single rep!  Sandbagger?  Hmmm 😉  Anne and Carrido made up the rest of the reps and the team managed to salvage a 3rd place finish in that WOD.  Team Kipping Squats was one of the only teams where the men’s strength was the limiting factor.  Since the women had to be able to do 60% of the men’s weight for this WOD, most teams ran into a situation where the men could only go so heavy as most of the ladies couldn’t get close to 60% of a comfortable “heavy” weight for their male teammates.  Our team was clearly on the opposite side of the spectrum.  For Anne, this meant she only had to lift 95#, which was so ridiculously light for her that she could have done it one-handed.  Thanks to Anne for putting up with us weaklings in WOD 1.

They already had the pig cookin' before we got there.

The second WOD was fun one for Team KS, and the team had a pretty decent showing, bagging another 3rd place finish.

WOD 2: AMRAP 5 Minutes of MUSCLE UPS!
-One team member at a time
-Wrists turned out at bottom
-Elbows locked out at bottom

The winning team in this WOD scored 60 muscle ups.  Second place got 58.  Team KS was awarded 55 reps, although if Carrido wasn’t such a dummy, getting about 8 or 9 no-reps called on him, the team probably would have won the WOD.  Can’t take that guy anywhere.

The 3rd and final WOD was a team-chipper version of the Hero WOD Nutts.  It was a time trial format, and depending on what place a team was in entering the final WOD, each team had to give a head start to the leaders before they could begin.  Once the first place team started, the team sitting in second had to wait 30 seconds before they could begin.  Being in 3rd place, Team KS had to wait 55 seconds after the 1st place team started before they could get to crackin’.

WOD 3: ”Nutts” Team Time Trial
As a team…
-40 HSPU
-40 Deadlifts (275/165)
-40 Box Jumps (30/24)
-75 Pull Ups
-150 Wall Balls (20/14)
-150 Double Unders
-550m Plate Run (45/25): One person per on each team will carry the plate the entire way.  The first plate (in possession) across the line wins!

After waiting 55 seconds to start, they were off!  Carrido busted out all 40 HSPU’s unbroken to start the WOD, which made up some serious ground on the two teams that had head starts.  Deadlifts followed HSPU’s.  Anne knocked out the first 10 like they were nothing.  Drexel did the next 20 and Anne finished out the last 10.  Man, those two made it look easy!  Next up were box jumps, with a standard of the entire foot being on the box – heel to toe – and full hip/knee extension on or above the box.  Carrido put in 29 and Anne cleaned up the last 11.  Then it was on to pull ups.  The standard was that the chin had to break the vertical plane of the front of the bar.  The team lost some time here with no-reps.  By the time they got to wall-balls they had made up a bit of time on the first place team, as they were side-by-side on the wall and only separated by about 7 or 8 reps.  Although, this was a bit of a misconception considering 7 or 8 wall balls still take about 20+ seconds.  This was a grinder.  No matter what you do, 150 wall balls don’t go by quickly.  The team just chipped away, taking turns as each team member got tired.  …148, 149, 150!  Then it was on to 150 double unders, and Anne shot out of a cannon on her double unders.  She took the brunt of most of them, and Carrido chipped in a few as well.  Before you knew it, Jared was on the run – 45# plate in tow.  Considering the gap that Team KS closed on the team that was sitting in first place, they thought for sure that they had second place locked up.  But apparently, the team that went into the final in 2nd was motoring even faster than the Kipping Squatters and had passed the first place team at some point during the chipper!  So Team KS ended the WOD with yet another 3rd place finish, resulting in a 3rd place overall result.  A huge thank you to Drexel for running with that 45# plate!

This was one of the funnest events we’ve ever been to.  The after party was a blast as well!  Those Canadians sure know how to throw a party.  But in all honestly, the best part of the night might have been finding the pizza joint 5 blocks away and getting our eat on!

Thanks again to everyone that put this event together, and a huge congratulations to all of the competitors that came out to throwdown and celebrate the life of Nutts!

On the podium in 3rd place!

Two teams from Washington made the podium. Congrats to Noah, Ashleigh and Ryan on their 2nd place finish!

The Nutts Cup makes it's royal entrance into the building.

The presentation of the Nutts Cup to Team Control, Alt, Delete, led by Andrew Swartz.

Nutts' father gives a speech at the conclusion of the competition.

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  1. Jenny DB says:

    So Annie is a bad ass squat snatcher and y’all kicked some butt on the Chipper.. but that pig still makes me wanna vom.

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