Hostile Takeover 2011 Recap

Hostile Takeover 2011 has come and gone.  Good riddance.  Just kidding.  But seriously, I couldn’t move for 2 days.  Big thanks to Megan McKinney-Rickey, Nick Spano, Steve Rybolt, Jake Platt, Jordan Reese and the rest of the crew of volunteers and judges that made it happen!  Congratulations to all of the teams that competed.  It was awesome to see so many new faces and teams from a variety of boxes around the region.


For Team Swirl Cone, things would have done a lot better if Chocolate (Carrido) would have held up his end of the partnership with Vanilla (Breabs).   Luckily, the team went into this competition with the single goal of having fun, and came out of it getting exactly what they wanted.  Here’s the breakdown of the WOD’s.

WOD 1:
1,000m Row (500m per partner)
800m Partner Carry (Anyway you want, as long as one partner is carrying the other at all times.)
150 KB Swings 53#/35#
800m KB Farmers Carry (KB’s must travel 800m. Exchange of KB’s can only be made when the partner not carrying the KB’s laps around the course and catches the other partner from behind.)

Vanilla Pelkey carried the team in this WOD.  During the partner carries and the kettle bell carries, I think she put in twice as many laps as Carrido.  If not for her, Carrido would still be out there sluggin’ it around with the KB’s.  This WOD was owned by the big guys.  I heard there were a couple of teams where the guys just carried their female counterparts the entire 800m!

The Wild Italian Mountain Gorilla!

WOD 2:
On a 16 minute running clock, 4 minutes at each station with partners switching every 30 seconds.

Air Squats
Push Ups
Box Jumps 24″/20″

This WOD was a burner.  Very similar feeling of Fight Gone Bad when we got done.

WOD 3:
On a 7 minute running clock…

3 minutes to find max ground to overhead
2 minutes max double unders (one person working at a time)
2 minutes max muscle ups (one person working at a time)

This WOD was a great one to finish the comp with.  After a full day of getting beat up, guys were still throwing up some serious weight.  Doug tied his C&J PR, and Jens almost got a 3lb PR without even knowing it!  The kid was just throwing weight on the bar and not even adding it up.  Beast.  Vanilla Pelkey busted out 3 muscle ups, and did EVERY SINGLE double under for the team.  Congrats to all the athletes who were able to get their first in-WOD muscle ups!  I know it was a first for a few of you.

1. Robert and Ashleigh
2. Loren and Allison
3. Paul and Morghan

Nice work teams!

Photo credits: Sean Bissell and Lauran Manibusan

See the full photo album for the event HERE!

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