Paleo Challenge 3.0: Day 5

Made it through a work week.  Let’s see how I fare over the weekend.  This is what I ate last Saturday morning… Corned beef hash and eggs!  Hopefully I can clean it up a bit 🙂

2 eggs
6 strips of bacon
1 banana
Americano w/cream

Chicken chow fun, minus the noodles
Iced coffee w/cream

Small Honeycrisp apple
Roasted almonds and cashews w/dried cranberries
Coffee w/cream

Grilled salmon and chicken

Dinner #2:
2 scrambled eggs
4 strips of bacon (chopped up and fried, then added eggs)
Small bowl of frozen blueberries
Handful of almonds


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2 Responses to Paleo Challenge 3.0: Day 5

  1. Rachel Fischer says:

    Hey Darren! Have you had your cholesterol profile checked lately? Not because I think it will look bad, but will probably look pretty damn good. Particularly after your paleo challenge:) Would be good to provide good yet more evidence that bacon is good for you!!

    Good luck with the challenge. You’re doing great!

    • Hey Rachel! I haven’t recently, but I’m interested to know as well. I know Scott Winges went and got his checked after massive bacon consumption during a Paleo Challenge, and it was actually improved. I’ll let you know when I get it checked. I hope things are going great down in PDX!

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