Paleo Challenge 3.0: Day 6

My dreams of a glorious Saturday breakfast got foiled by me sleeping in too late.  I settled for some fruit, a hard-boiled egg and some coffee.  Lunch got worse, as we had to meet my family at a Chinese restaurant for my aunt’s birthday.  I managed to order a side of sautéed shrimp, but I’m pretty sure the gooey coating that soaked the shrimp was anything but Paleo.  Luckily for me, Billy and Megan saved the day with an amazing grillfest at dinner.  Unfortunately, my appetite got the best of me and I forgot to take a pick of the grilled goodness.  To make up for it, here is a video of Amy demonstrating the Kipping Sit Up.

1 hard-boiled egg
Banana, apple and grapes
Americano w/cream

Half of a Clif Builder bar… not Paleo.

Sautéed shrimp

Grilled beef, pork and chicken at Billy and Megan’s.  Roughly 23 lbs of meat.
Mashed sweet potatoes
Paleo candy bars (don’t ask me how or what… just delicious)

Small bowl of frozen blueberries

BACON COUNTER: 35… no bacon consumed.  Sad, sad day.

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1 Response to Paleo Challenge 3.0: Day 6

  1. cliffrosson says:

    kipping situps. Clever

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