Paleo Challenge 3.0: Day 7

Week 1 comes to a close!  I think it went really well.  I am glad that I maintained somewhat of a Paleo foundation while deviating from a full-on diet.  It has certainly made the transition into eating almost 100% strict a lot easier.  Sunday was alright for food, but I don’t think I ate enough.  I ended up hanging out with my bro and we went about 7 hours with no food.  I also failed once again by not taking a picture of a delicious meal.  I will hopefully redeem myself, however, with this awesome video for your viewing pleasure.  Trike drifting!

2 eggs
4 strips of bacon
Americano w/cream

Corned beef hash
3 eggs
3 strips of bacon

Beef ribs
Mixed green salad


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