Paleo Challenge 3.0: Day 11

Rain City Burgers is no secret to the Paleoites at NWCF Greenlake, but if you have yet to make your way over there, do it soon.  They have grass-fed beef burgers and will throw them in a lettuce wrap for you.  AND they have sweet potato fries.  Check out their other burger creations on their Facebook page here (WARNING: Photos possibly NSFPaleo eaters because of the excessive images of buns… as in bread.).

2 eggs
6 strips of bacon

Spicy pork salad with 2 fried eggs on top

Honeycrisp apple
Handful of almonds, cashews and dried cranberries

Double bacon burger (2 strips), onion, pickle, avocado, wrapped in lettuce
Sweet potato fries (possibly some non-Paleo ketchup)

Plantain chips
Bowl of frozen blueberries


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