Paleo Challenge 3.0: Day 16

Breakfast twice in one day?  Sure!  We have pool league every Tuesday night and we often find ourselves trying to transform something on the bar menu into a Paleo-ish meal.  Today I went with eggs and bacon, and subbed in sausage patties for the toast and hashbrowns.

In completely unrelated news, we recently had a bunch of leftover personal-size tiramisu’s from Tutta Bella in our fridge at work.  Come on bro!

2 eggs
4 strips of bacon
Americano w/cream

Jimmy John’s Unwich… turkey & bacon lettuce wrap (2 strips of bacon)
Coffee w/cream

Sweet potato chips and guac
1/8 pounds of Applegate pepperoni
Coffee w/cream

3 scrambled eggs
4 strips of bacon
2 sausage patties (probably not Paleo, but I subbed them in instead of toast and hash browns at the bar)

Amy Lee’s Paleo Granola
Plantain chips


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