Paleo Challenge 3.0: Day 39

Went to Kidd Valley for the first time in a long time.  They’ve added sweet potato fries to their menu, and with a bit of reluctance the guy who took my order was kind enough to make my burger without a bun.  They must not get orders like that very often because the dude looked at me like I was crazy.

2 eggs
6 strips of bacon
Americano w/cream

Roasted almond, cashews and dried cranberries
Coffee w/cream

Lunch (I think I’ve just been lazy as I’ve settled for deli cuts all week):
1/4 pound of roasted turkey
1/8 pound of pepperoni

Roasted almonds, cashews and dried cranberries
Americano w/cream

Double bacon burger (3 strips)
Sweet potato fries with tartar and ketchup

Paleo granola
Plantain chips


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