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Jill’s First Fran!

So, Jill rolls into the gym last night around 7:00 PM.  The last class of the day was over, but there was still enough time for her to squeeze in a quick WOD before Tyler had to lock up.  After some … Continue reading

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Heavy “Elizabeth” with Zak

We’ve all been there.  You catch a cold or a bug and the only active things you’ll be doing for the next 3 days are blowing your nose and eating chicken noodle soup.  Other times it’s a nagging injury and as much … Continue reading

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Breanne + Grace = 3:42

Breanne “Vanilla” Pelkey took on Grace Monday night at NWCF and threw down a time of 3:42!  That’s 1:19 PR from her old time.  Get it girrrl! Also has muscle ups… 😉

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