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Carrido + 30 Muscle Ups = 2:39

Tracy, Scott, Zach G, and I did 30 Muscle Ups for time on Monday night.  I had the rings set up WAY too high, which resulted in me continually smashing my back into the bar that the rings were hanging on.  And … Continue reading

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Jesse Gets His First Muscle Up!!

Having never executed a muscle up in his life, Jesse walked up to the rings after the WOD on Wednesday night at NWCF and busted out his first ever muscle up on his first try!  He had attempted them in … Continue reading

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Friday’s with Fran

We were thinking it would be fun to have a video every Friday of some variation of Fran.  It doesn’t have to be a serious, go-for-broke, standard Fran each time either.  For instance, the big one that we’ve been talking about recently is … Continue reading

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Wodding in Paradise

Prior to leaving for Hawaii on our family vacation, Heather and I had loose plans to visit as many CrossFit gyms as we could when we were there.  Unfortunately, our plans didn’t work out as we had initially hoped, but … Continue reading

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Silly Grown Ups, Muscle Ups Are For Kids

As I was leaving work Monday, I got a text from Coach Tyler saying that Tawny Tyau just did two muscle ups – awesome news!  She’d been super close to getting one lately, but has had trouble transitioning into the … Continue reading

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Athlete Profile: Tyler Searle

Many of you know Tyler as the head coach and in-house beast at Northwest CrossFit.  He was a competitor on Team NWCF at the 2010 CrossFit Games and is currently competing in the 2011 CrossFit Games Open.  You may have also seen him in a fluke … Continue reading

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Meagan Gets A Muscle Up!

Big congrats to the newest member of the Muscle Up Club, Meagan “Ice Cube Toes” Rosson!  Everyone was cheering so hard that it fogged up the camera… or maybe it was simply cameraman error, but that’s beside the point.  Get it girrrl!  Meagan’s First Muscle Up!

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